Padma Vibhushana Rajarshi Dr. D.Veerendra Heggade Chair for studies on Health & Demography

Chair Installation

The endowment chair Padma Vibhushana,Rajarshi, Dr. D.VeerendraHeggade Chair for studies on Health & Demography(DVH Chair) is one of the entities is under Institute of Economic Research (IER). The Chair isinstalled in 2015, named after JSS Chairman Revered Dr..D.Veerendra Heggade a well known visionary of our times. To support his novel health and social programmes, Dr. N Vajrakumar former secretary JSS, had installed this endowment chair in IER in 2015 for facilitating the programmes on health and Demography.

Objectives of the chair

1)  To organize Guest Lecture/ Talks on health and Demography.
2)  To promote a Journal on Health and Demography.
3)  To Organize National and International Seminars/ Conferences on health and demography

Working Committee

Dr. D Veerendra Heggade,


Dr.Jyoti S Hallad,

Dr. Shivaprasad,

Dr Shriprasad H.,

DHO, Dharwad,

The activities

Ever since the installation, the chair is continuously conducting various activities like awareness creation on different non-communicable diseases, knowledge promoting activities on population to students and community supportive activities to promote health. Further 8 volumes and 16 issues of IER Journal of Health and Demography has been released on time. The Journal is publishing the research articles covering wide range of topics on Health, Demography and socio-economic aspects.

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